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Plugin mempercepat website wordpress

Posted by ujitea pada 27 April 2011

berikut adalah beberapa plugin dan settingannya untuk mempercepat website anda terutama yang menggunakan wordpress. Trick ini dikutif dari GTmetrix

Step 1) Download and activate WP Minify

In the settings (under “Tools” in the sidebar), make sure that the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Minification options are all checked.


The WP-Minify Settings Screen

There is also a feature to “Place Minified JavaScript in footer”. This helps with YSlow’s “Put JavaScript at bottom” recommendation, and though it says it’s “Not recommended,” we activated it anyway, and found that it didn’t break our blog. If you plan on using that feature, it would be a good idea to test your blog to make sure nothing is broken.


Step 2) Download and activate W3 Total Cache

You’ll notice a new section in your admin sidebar called “Performance” Under General Settings, disable Minify. WP Minify seems to do a better job of minification, so we’ll let that plugin handle it.

Next, check off “Page Cache.” Go into the Page Cache settings and check off “Cache home page.” Tweak other settings if you’d like.

W3 Total Cache: Page Cache

W3 Total Cache: Page Cache Settings Screen

Next, check off “Browser Cache.” Go into the Browser Cache settings and you’ll see a bunch of options that directly address Page Speed and YSlow recommendations (Expires header, Cache control Header, ETags, gzip compression, etc); check them off.

W3 Total Cache: Browser Cache

W3 Total Cache: Browser Cache Settings Screen

If you make any changes to your WordPress plugins, the W3 Total Cache plugin may ask you to Empty the Cache. This is done to make sure the plugin doesn’t serve a cached version of any changed files.


Step 3) Download and activate WP

This plugin will optimize every image you upload henceforth since you activated it. in the Media Library

You can re-smush images in your Media Library

There are no options for this plugin and nothing to set up!



We did a lot of testing and experimentation to find the best solution for WordPress users. These basic plugins can really improve the performance of a WordPress blog. Take a look at the difference in our blog:

If you have a WordPress blog, slow or not, give these plugins a try and improve your user experience!


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