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MXKey MXBox v3.5 revision 1.0

Posted by ujitea pada 1 Juni 2011

Untuk Updatean kali ini ada perubahan serta penambahan yang cukup signifikan dari versi sebelumnya mulai dari program utama, Nokia Service Tool, SL3 Brute Force, Blackberry tool hingga CDMA Service Tool.


– Update HTI button now always enabled.

– Added local ping check for ‘Server List’

– Added taskbar progress support for Windows 7

NK(Nokia Service Tool)

– Fully reworked flashing routines(workaround for HTI flashing bug)

– HTIBOX connected as additional security service(if any) when
using USB connection for standalone BB5 security fix operation

– Fixed, Access violation on DCT4 Bus check when
card connected HTI CCID reader

– Fixed, Download in background task

– BB5 Secure Storage and Certificate validation
moved to Certificate manager page

– BB5 Secure Storage, Certificate validation, Recover CERT,
Load RFBB from server also supported with USB connection

– Minor bug fixes

SL3BF updated to version 3.4

– added task scheduler, useful when working with more files

– fixed, random salt option bug
(duplicate salt automatically fixed on this version)

BB (BlackBerry Tool)

– Added New MEP to MEP definition file(mep.dat)

– Updated “supported_mep.txt”

QCD (CDMA Service Tool)

– Added flashing definition file for: Haier C2071

– Updated patch definition to version 1.3

– added unlock patch for: Haier C2071-P1.01.21_V00.21

– see “modules\{9A05071F-D3A6-484B-8E3E-C6F47311C78C}\supported_phones.txt” for list supported models


Download Link Mediafire :

Download Link Send Space :


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