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Posted by ujitea pada 18 Juni 2011

Manole mengadakan Kontes berhadiah 1 MXBOX setiap hari dengan syarat :

1. menjadi follower akun twitter mxkey

mxkey official Twitter account

2. menjadi teman akun facebook mxkey

mxkey official Facebook account

caranya, setiap orang yang menjadi follower twitter mxkey atau friend facebook mxkey akan mendapatkan alamat email unik. dari semua alamat email unik  ini akan dipilih siapa saja yang beruntung setiap harinya.

adapun yang tidak boleh mengikuti kontes ini adalah

1. mxkey / mxbox product managers, supporters and all their relatives

2. mxkey / mxbox known distributors and resellers

3. users who do not have a real Facebook / Twitter account


untuk informasi lebih lanjut baca FAQ dibawah ini:

Q: If i become a follower in MXKEY Twitter or a friend in MXKEY Facebook
today, will this entitle me to participate only for that day ?
A: No, your Twitter account or Facebook account, once become a follower
or a friend can participate every day from now on

Q: If i chose both, to be follower in MXKEY Twitter and friend in MXKEY Facebook,
can I win 2 MXBOX in all this time when contest is going on ?
A: Yes, if you will be so lucky

Q: What happen if I win one time and I am random pick up to win second time ?
A: Sorry, we will repeat that lucky draw of that day, please let others to win also.
But, if you win 1 time with your Twitter account and second time with
Facebook account, then you are the most lucky guy to get
second MXBOX for free

Q: I am already a friend in MXKEY Facebook or a follower in MXKEY Twitter.
Will I participate on this “1 free MXBOX every day” lucky contest ?
A: Yes. All actual friends in MXKEY Facebook and
actual followers in MXKEY Twitter will participate.

Q: How I will receive my MXBOX if I am the winner in one of this days ?
A: We will first post in this thread the winner of each day,
then we will contact you in private to give us all your details.

Q: If a winner do not answer for more then a week, what will happen with that FREE MXBOX ?
A: As we promised, we will give EVERY DAY 1 FREE MXBOX, if the winner
do not answer for over 1 week and do not give us his details for sending his
FREE MXBOX, for that specific day we will repeat the draw again to find a
winner and all this details will be posted in this thread.

Q: Once I am a winner, I got the MXBOX, why this MXBOX is not activated ?
A: Because you have to make a picture of you with the box, post it in your Facebook account,
also post in this thread to show us this and we will activate it.
This will also prove we really sent you MXBOX and this is not a fake contest.

And final and most important/wanted questions and answers:

Q: How long will this contest last (How many days?) ?
A: Minimum 2 month, but if you like it, we will continue

Q: When this contest will start? When will be first day winner?
A: Wednesday, 22 June 2011


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