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MXKEY v3.5 revision 1.2

Posted by ujitea pada 27 Juni 2011


– Added, Files synchronization feature
– Allows to check and update important files with server without installing full setup.
– Also useful to minimize problems because of users patch.
– Fixed, Access violation on XP for PC without HTI(WinUsb) installed
– Check For updates and Single module update removed(replaced with Synchronize Files)

NK(Nokia Service Tool)

– Added, optional SX5 serial used for SL3 NCK calc (*) – This is optional option that you can used for example if you want to have warranty compliant unlock.
(*) required HTI firmware version 00.17 or later

– Added, Latest flash update definition to setup
– Added, Options to disable/enable RAPIDO new protocol for USB flashing – Most of RAPIDO phones can now used new usb loader with new protocol which will allow to use the same function as RAPU/RAP3GV4 phones. With new protocol enabled(checked), you can make RPL backup by usb

– Added, Options to disable/enable embedded SBL for XGOLD flashing – by default, software will use universal loader for xgold flashing. If this option enabled(checked), software will used embedded loader from mcu file(which can be different/newer as internal universal loader). by this we can ensure that flashing new hwid will functional as phones with old hwid.

– Added, HTI SoftTMA Resistor selection (*)
(*) required HTI firmware version 00.17 or later

you can find here :

– Added, Local storage definition for DCC and RFBB data.
– Added, DCC data verify after write
– Improved, DCC data write (If DCC write fail, DATA will be written as PM)
– Fixed, Download in background deadlock bug
– Fixed, PM erase bug (was early stopped on newer BB5 phone)
– Fixed, DCT4 flashing
– Fixed, New ProductProfile write

QCD(CDMA Service Tool)

– updated patch definition to version 1.4
– added unlock definition for: Haier Q9+-INAV1.04-100326-JWD, method: patch unlock
– added unlock definition for: ZTE SM_C36X_RBTL05NV1.0.0B05, method: direct unlock (not tested!)
– fixed unlock definition for: ZTE TM_S189_RBTL35NV1.0.2B01, method: direct unlock
– fixed unlock definition for: ZTE TM_S168_RBTL35NV1.0.0B02, method: direct unlock
– see “modules\{9A05071F-D3A6-484B-8E3E-C6F47311C78C}\supported_phones.txt” for list supported models

BB (BlackBerry Tool)

– Added, Factory lock status on device scan
– Minor bug fixes

NEW UPDATE MXKEY v3.5 revision 1.2 (Partial fix 2):

– To not confuse any users, Nokia USM ROM is now displayed only when
no physical NMWCD* device connected
– bugfixed: XGOLD213 usb flashing error when no mcu spesified
– Renamed ‘Image DL’ caption to ‘Download’ as this will be eaier to understand
– ‘Download’ will show input dialog if no product code spesified
– local rfbb will also handle rfbb file format
– local dcc will also handle pm file format
– bugfixed: SL3 read PhoneIDs shows ‘Operations not supported’
* NMWCD: Nokia Mobile Wireless Communication Devices

How to update:
– Open mobileEx.exe, Click “Synchronize Files” and
Click “Update” when popup dialog showed.












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